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But who actually pays football agents?

April 30, 2019

Now, it may sound simple enough to suggest that an agent gets acommission of 5% – or, if they are lucky, 10%. The difficult part to explain is usually who pays the agent. You’d think it would be the player, right?Wrong. The majority of Premier League and top-end Football League transfersinvolve the buying club paying […]

Brexit and Football (Again..)

April 29, 2019

Brexit Podcast Transcript between Daniel Geey and Owen Jones Recorded on 11 April 2019 DG: This is a chat between Daniel Geey of Sheridans Sports Team and Owen Jones, Head of the Immigration Team. What we wanted to do was just set out a short chat between us, bearing in mind obviously everything Brexit related […]

When is an Appearance not an Appearance?

February 8, 2019

By Daniel Geey and Courtney Bryan-Isaacs Over the years, I’ve been asked to review a number of football player employment contracts. This blog sets out why the definition of appearance can be one of the most important contract definitions for clubs, players and agents to consider. Footballer Contract The commercial terms of an employment contract […]

The Final Day Conundrum

July 8, 2017

By Adam Lovatt, Omar Chaudhuri and Daniel Geey This time last year, we wrote a blog on the Premier League fixture list and a few curious anomalies. You can read our original post here. Our original conclusions related to the top five teams in the league (Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool) since […]

Small Gestures make a Big Difference

May 26, 2017

The power of sport to inspire is fantastic to see. I wanted to share two very small examples of where small gestures have made big differences. Over the winter period, we teamed up with Puma, Hector Bellerin and B-Engaged. Puma donated huge boxes of football boots and we distributed them to Noah’s Ark Kids Hospice […]

My Top 2016 Blogs

December 31, 2016

Thank to everyone for reading my blogs this year. Based on my analytics numbers, these are my top five blogs. Thanks for reading and looking forward to writing more in 2017. 1. Understanding the transfer window.  2. What Brexit would mean to UK clubs. 3. Work Permits and the Foreigner Debate 4. The Fixture List: […]

The £180m+ Game: The Premier League Awaits…

May 20, 2016

Around this time, there are plenty of articles suggesting how much promotion to the Premier League through the play-offs is worth. It’s previously been labelled as the £120m+ game and  the most lucrative game in world football. The aim of this short blog is to set out what the winners of the Championship playoff game […]

Third Party Investment from a UK Perspective

April 20, 2015

What is Third Party Investment? In brief Third Party Investment (TPI) in the football industry, it is where a football club does not own, or is not entitled to, 100% of the future transfer value of a player that is registered to play for that team. There are numerous models for third party player agreements […]

The New Domestic Premier League Broadcasting Rights Windfall

February 23, 2015

Introduction Last Tuesday came the news that Sky and BT had been awarded the latest domestic rights to show live Premier League matches for three years from the 16-17 season onwards. The £5.14bn figure, which equated to another 70% increase in rights fees, was headline news and is summarised below. Sky will pay £4.176bn for […]

Top Ten Shared Blogs of 2014

December 24, 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, I set out my top ten blogs of 2014. Many thanks for reading the blogs and for sharing them. Football Amortisation: Chelsea’s large Luiz Profit The FIFA Suarez Ban Explained My Top Ten Tips to Understand Third Party Investment The Premier League Wage Cap: A well Kept Secret? Buy-Out […]